Term Dates

Our term dates for the academic year 2020-21 are as follows:

Autumn Term

Wednesday 9th September 2020

Half Term:
Monday 26 October - Friday 30 October 2020

Friday 18 December 2020 


Spring term

Wednesday 6th  January  2021

Half Term:

Monday 15 February - Friday 19 February 2021


Thursday 1 April - Friday 16 April 2021 (Easter weekend 2 - 5 April 2021)

Summer Term

Monday 19 April 

Bank Holiday:

(May Day Bank Holiday will be taken on 3 May 2021)

Half Term:

Monday 31 May - Friday 4 June 2021

(Spring Bank Holiday will be taken on 31 May 2021)


Thursday  22 July 2021

School Hours

The nursery times are:

For morning places     8.45 – 11:45
For afternoon places   12:45 – 15: 45
For full time places      9:15 – 15:15


Please try to bring your child at the start of the session. Arriving late is hard for children as all of their friends are busy and it can be difficult to get involved. If your child will be arriving late please phone and let us know. It is important that you pick your child up on time. It can be distressing for children to see everyone else going home and feel left behind.

We are aware that some parents collect children from other primary schools. For this reason we allow children to be collected from 15:05. 

We also provide extended day provision for children attending the nursery school.  Fees are charged for these sessions, but are liable to refund under the Government Childcare Tax Credit initiative.

Breakfast club from 8am at Mary Paterson Nursery​

After School Club  at Dorothy Gardner Nursery until 5pm
 (£2.00 every half hour)

The Daily Routine

The general makeup of the day is as follows


  • Children match their name and photographs together. Each child has a photograph and name (in different scripts where appropriate.) Please always bring your child to his/her key Person (or a team member) first thing in the morning. Please help your child to match his/her name and picture before taking him/her to an activity. Please remember to say goodbye to your child before you leave.


  • Children choose where they would like to play. This could be inside or outside.  Throughout the morning and afternoon adults invite children to focus activities.


  • Children and adults tidy the nursery together.


  • All children have story time.