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Mary Paterson News Letter April 2020

The nursery school feels a very strange place without the children bustling around! We miss the children dreadfully but are happy that they are keeping safe at home during this period. In the nursery garden there are a lot of signs of growth as we are now in the spring period. I will upload a video of the changes in the garden over the last couple of weeks for you to share with the children.

Spring Time learning.

In Nursery at this time of year we focus heavily on science and the new growth/life in Spring.

You could find some pictures of Spring online and talk about animals that are born at this time of the year and how we can now see shoots and buds on trees. Explain to your child that Spring is a time for new life to begin.

Here are some videos that they might enjoy:

Little chicks hatching :

A bean plant growing from seed:

Baby animals and parents’ names: advice

The DFE ( Department for education) has released videos and apps that are suitable for home learning. This is the link;

We will continue to add videos on our website so please keep visiting for new ideas and resources. We enjoy phoning you on a weekly basis, to keep in touch.

Keep safe and healthy and we hope to see you soon.