Mary Paterson Nursery- December newsletter.

Dear Parents and Carers,

I can hardly believe it – 2 weeks to the Xmas holidays!

It has been a long and eventful term for us in the Queen’s Park Nursery Federation. Thank you very much for supporting the Covid measures we carry out. We know the pandemic is not over and that until a vaccine rollout happens, we all need to keep up the effort to social distance with other parents at the gate. We will be continuing with our enhanced handwashing and cleaning in January and for the Spring term. It is unlikely we will be able to allow you inside the school, but we will continue to keep you updated by email, phone and website.

Thank you for supporting each other via the parents What's App group. Several parents have told me they feel less isolated having a parents support group.

We enjoyed reading your comments in your child's profile, which you added last week. We will send home a parents voice sheet, over the holidays, please add photos, writing etc of your Christmas activities at home. Be as creative as you wish!

The profiles are a precious record of your child’s learning and we add to them until July then we will send them home for you to keep.

Xmas Tree – Thank you to Pines and Needles for our amazing christmas tree! Some of the children took the sleigh and went to collect our xmas tree last week. All the children then had great fun decorating you can imagine!

Library books returned to school before the holidays

on the 8.12.20. Thank you.

Thank you to all the parents who have joined in with our virtual coffee mornings. We arrange lots of professionals such as health visitors, nurses, speech therapists to join in our zoom meetings. For example, last week we had excellent advice and tips about toilet training. Please join in, after Christmas, we will send you the dates for workshops on sleeping and how children learn to read, and lots more topics.

Important dates

17th December will be the last day for two year olds in the morning and the Bubble group children in the afternoon. Both groups of children will have their Xmas party – please bring in food. (no nuts please)

Christmas carols to be digitally recorded and put on website due to new tier regulations from 2.12.20.

18th December will be the last day for 3-4 year old children downstairs. Children come in between 11-1pm for their xmas party. There is no FT/ am/pm sessions today. Please bring in food. (no nuts please). Santa will visit.

We will not be providing holiday club sessions this year. Nursery closes at 1pm on the 18th and opens again for the Spring Term on the 6th of January.

Enjoy the break with your families safely and we will look forward to welcoming you back on January 6th.

Happy Holidays and keep safe and well.

with regards,

Mrs Rose Parle

Deputy Head teacher,

Mary Paterson Nursery School