Mary Paterson Nursery May/June here

Mary Paterson May/June Newsletter

Welcome back to many of our families and children. It is so lovely to see the children returning to nursery over the past couple of weeks. Although, the nursery is not as noisy as usual because some children are still learning at home due to lack of capacity. We miss you, will continue to phone you and add to our home learning page on the website.

Health and Safety

I know that the nursery is a very different place due to following the Governments guidelines about Health and Safety.

I would like to say thank you to all our parents for working with us during the lockdown and we are so glad to see many of you back. A few parents are finding it difficult because of the staggered entry and exit times and because their children are in different ‘bubbles’ which means that they work with two adults and a small group of children who do not mingle with the other ‘bubbles’. We do not have ‘freeflow’ movement at present. Please understand, that we are happy to welcome your children back to nursery, it is different, because Health and Safety has to be our priority. Therefore, if we have asked you to attend at 15 minutes slots, this is in response to government guidelines. Please see Covid Information page for government links. We have installed extra outside washing facilities to facilitate public health guidance.

We were proud to be able to offer continuous schooling for Key worker and vulnerable children during the lockdown and now glad to be opening up for more children.

We have created Wellbeing pages on our website, one for children and one for adults. Do take a look. The children’s page has lots of visual ideas to support emotional regulation. The adult’s page has a lot of sign posting to access support.

Keep Safe and well. Rose